Sun Mar 3, 2013 1:45AM
Across Europe, from Greece to Britain, there has been a tidal wave of racism, islamophobia and hate attacks. Triggered by September eleventh; and now being fuelled by the financial crisis.
Britain is losing its identity and way of life because of Muslims and immigration. That is the narrative being sold as fact by a new wave of far right groups. You won't find the media debunking the myth; nor the politicians - who have firmly placed the over-exaggerated risk of immigration on their agenda. The consequence of all these factors is that islamophobic attacks are on the rise, immigrants are unfairly targeted, and fascist groups like the EDL flourish. But there is a fight back. And united against fascism is on its front line. The conference discussed how the recession has fuelled the rise in the far right, as politicians try and divert attention away from austerity. In a society like Britain, racism has never been far from the helm. Although the victims have changed. Jews, Asians, Muslims. But why do the media play such a role? In many ways, the creation of this apathy among the general public facilitates racism. That’s why organizations like United Against Fascism, say it is their duty to get the message out there; to ordinary citizens, to the media and to politicians.