Sat Mar 2, 2013 1:14PM
An upcoming conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee -AIPAC- in Washington is sparking protests in the U-S. Protesters gathered outside the headquarters of AIPAC to raise awareness about Israel’s influence on U-S politics. Press TV’s Colin Campbell has the story.
Just minutes into a demonstration outside of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee headquarters more commonly known as “AIPAC,” DC police and protesters got into a bit of scuffle causing Barbara Briggs-Letson of California to fall to the ground. Barbara said she was uninjured and later resolved her differences with the officer involved in the melee. AIPAC is holding its annual policy conference in the coming days. Protesters say that AIPAC and allied groups have pushed for policies that include bombing Iran, going to war with Iraq, expanding settlements in the occupied West Bank, as well as human rights violations. Demonstrators marched in mock settlements built from cardboard and with a puppet of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Other signs symbolized an Israeli-built apartheid wall in occupied territories. Protesters say they are frustrated by the ongoing tensions between Palestinians and Israelis. They have pushed for lawmakers to block money given to AIPAC and other Activist groups are urging a change in Washington’s approach which they say mixes money and politics to a dangerous level. They point to Chuck Hagel’s confirmation as Secretary of Defense, who had been outspoken about the Israeli influence. This protest kicks off a weekend of actions against AIPAC. CODEPINK and other groups will resume their campaign early next week to call attention to the influence of the Israeli lobby over Congress and urge Americans to try and stop it.