Sunday Feb 24, 201307:38 PM GMT
Israeli army deals with hundreds of attempted cyber attacks each year
Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:37PM
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Head of Israeli military Computer Services Directorate Major-General Uzi Moskovitz has said that his unit deals with hundreds of attempted cyber attacks against the army every year.

Moskovitz said on Sunday that the attacks mostly target the army's secure operational systems, which include weapons systems used by Israeli troops on the ground, Ynet reported.

He said if his unit fails to thwart cyber attacks, the lives of Israeli soldiers will be put at risk.

The directorate's defense systems include, among other features, a war room manned around the clock by more than 20 soldiers as well as specialists in the field, who are tasked with finding and destroying any attempt to infiltrate into the system.

Israel has been behind advanced cyber attacks against many countries, including Iran.

In June 2012, a report by The Washington Post said the US and the Israeli regime had cooperated in creating the computer virus Flame to spy on Iran. US National Security Agency, the CIA and the Israeli military worked together to create the Flame virus, the paper added.

In addition, The New York Times also revealed in the same month that US President Barack Obama secretly ordered a cyber attack with the Stuxnet computer virus against Iran to sabotage the country’s nuclear energy program.

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