Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:3PM
West’s campaign of taking Iranian networks off the air is part of a strategy to exert control over what the public opinion perceives about the realities in Iran, a political analyst tells Press TV. In a Thursday interview, Danny Schechter, the editor of the Media Channel.Org, slammed the removal of Iranian channels off the air as “a strategy to try to isolate Iran and to try to deny people in the world from hearing what Iran has to say.” “It’s part of a strategy called PM, not PR (public relations), but PM - Perception Management. And the idea is to try to manage the perception of other people...of managing the perception of the public, so that, they’re not really aware of what Iran stands for,” he added. Schechter argued that such strategy seeks to monopolize the media for the analyses offered by powers hostile to Iran, so that “other perspectives and other points of view won’t be heard or won’t be seen.” On Wednesday, the Arab satellite provider Gulfsat banned Iranian channels iFilm and Al-Kawthar under direct pressure from the European satellite company, Eutelsat. The fresh encroachment upon freedom of speech targeting movie channel, iFilm, and Iran's Arabic-language Al-Kawthar came one day after Eutelsat, owned by Franco-Israeli Michel de Rosen, asked Nilesat to pull Press TV off the air. ASH/SS