Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:39AM
Demonstrators braved the weather standing in front of White House in the rain for another day of protests against the US-drone program. And this is just the beginining, a prelude to week-long action.
Despite the windy rain in Washington, protesters said weather wouldn’t stop their cause against domestic drone surveillance, assassination drone killings, and the confirmation of John Brennan to head the CIA. He’s considered the main orchestrator behind the US drone program. Activists pull no punches about their feelings regarding his nomination. The US drone program is getting more attention lately from John Brennan’s confirmation hearings. This week Congress is on recess and his confirmation process is delayed. He faces tough questions from lawmakers on extrajudicial killings from drone strikes and the estimated hundreds of innocent lives taken in pursuit of suspected terrorists. CODEPINK has been one of the leading activist groups in Washington, DC protesting US-drones. Members have been arrested for interrupting hearings and causing civil disobedience at the White House. Delays in Brennan's confirmation hearings are creating opportunities for anti-drone activist groups such as CODEPINK. Activists are planning a week of action to protest drone use here and abroad. Late last week, it was revealed that the Department of Homeland Security plans to expand its US drone program that would monitor movements from above to assist municipal law enforcement agencies. But activists say that the American public needs to be more aware of the implications from drone spying. Although the number of drone assassinations has decreased since last year, the Obama administration hasn’t made any official announcements that it would reevaluate its overseas program to address the number of civilian casualties. Meanwhile, the number of domestic drones is expected to dramatically increase in upcoming years.