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Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:2PM
Pakistan’s al-Kkalid battle tank (file photo)

Pakistan’s al-Kkalid battle tank (file photo)

Ukraine plans to deliver 110 battle tank engines and related parts to Pakistan for installation on the South Asian country’s domestically developed battle tank, the al-Khalid. The parts will be manufactured at the Malyshev Factory, which is a state-owned manufacturer of heavy equipment located in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, under a four-year $50 million contract signed by the two countries, the RIA Novosti news agency reported on Monday. The acting deputy general director of the state-owned Ukrainian arms company Ukrspetsexport, Vadim Kozhevnikov, said Kiev previously delivered more than 300 engines to Islamabad for installation on Pakistan’s al-Khalid tank. The al-Khalid battle tank is operated by a crew of three and armed with a 125mm smooth-bore tank gun that is reloaded automatically. The tank uses a modern fire-control system integrated with night-fighting equipment and is capable of firing many types of anti-tank rounds as well as guided anti-tank missiles. Kozhevnikov added that Ukraine is in a good position to compete with the world’s leading tank engine manufacturers, particularly Germany. “We are direct competitors of German engine manufacturers. Our models are every bit as good as theirs in terms of technical characteristics but are significantly cheaper,” he stated. MP/HGL
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