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Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:15PM
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (file photo)

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (file photo)

An Israeli newspaper has revealed scandalous details about the daily expenses of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying a large portion of Israeli taxpayers' money is being spent on the premier’s ice-cream and makeup cravings. According to the Tel Aviv-based newspaper Haaretz, Netanyahu earns NIS46,700 (nearly USD12,690) a month. The Israeli regime covers all the expenses for his al-Quds (Jerusalem) residence -- including food, reception, cleaning, gardening, electricity, water, municipal taxes, and both cellular and landline phones -- in addition to his monthly salary. The budget for Netanyahu and his wife’s clothing totals some NIS50,000 a year (USD13,580). The Israeli prime minister and his family also have a limousine and a driver, and essentially no living expenses hit their pockets. Haaretz adds that some NIS35,000 (USD8,963) a year -- nearly NIS3,000 (USD814) a month -- is also paid to the people who do the makeup for Netanyahu’s family. Meanwhile, the Israeli prime minister has awarded a contract valued at NIS10,000 (USD2,716) to his favorite ice cream shop, Metudela, to keep him supplied with vanilla and pistachio ice cream. There has long been a total lack of transparency with regard to the expenses of Israeli prime minister’s residence and office, as their budget clauses do not appear in the annual budget. The revelation about Netanyahu’s excessive expenditures coincides with his attempt to form a new coalition government while he is pushing Israeli lawmakers to adopt an unpopular austerity budget. MP/KA/SS
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