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Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:24PM
Prince Charles, heir to the British throne (L), British Prime Minister David Cameron (R)

Prince Charles, heir to the British throne (L), British Prime Minister David Cameron (R)

Britain’s heir to the throne Prince Charles has been secretly given a say over dozens of new laws, the British government reveals. It was emerged that tens of new laws were sent to the Prince of Wales for his approval and opinion before being taken further, raising concerns that Prince Charles had been intervening in the affairs of Parliament on many occasions. A freedom of information request showed that over the past 11 years the Prince was consulted on 33 pieces of legislation, including the hunting ban legislation and the government’s green initiative. He was also consulted on Land Registration Bill in February 2002, Licensing Bill in June 2003, Communications Bill in March 2003, Health and Social Care Bill in July 2003, Finance Bill in 2004 and Companies Bill in 2006. Paul Flynn MP, a Labour member of the Commons Public Administration Select Committee, said, “There are doubts about Prince Charles and whether he is persistently intervening on political matters. There must be a grave doubt whether he will remain silent if he should become Monarch.” Earlier in January, Whitehall papers showed at least 39 bills had been subject to the royal approval, with the British Queen and the Prince of Wales using their power to consent or block legislation proposed by the UK parliament in areas such as military authority, civil partnership, higher education, paternity pay and child maintenance. SSM/JR/HE
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