Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:37AM
The fifth gold and jewelry exhibition has been mounted in the Iranian capital of Tehran to display the country’s vast potential of these precious products, Press TV has reported. Some 120 Iranian and 22 foreign firms from Turkey, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, China, Thailand and Germany have participated in this year’s edition of the event. A number of various types of domestically-made gold ornaments and jewelry, precious stones, sets and instruments for making gold, fire-proof boxes and some other relevant equipment were showcased at the exhibit. The event titled “Iran's Golden Capital for a Few Days” also provided an opportunity for producers and exporters to get acquainted with the latest machinery and modern technologies. Iran produces gold about three tons per year while under the government’s fifth development plan it will be increased up to 5 tons each year. “Several new gold and copper belts have been indentified in some parts of the country,” the deputy head of Iran's Geology and Mineral Exploration Organization for exploration affairs Behrouz Borna had said in January 2013. Having a history of 8000 years in producing gold and Jewelries, Iran has a large market for these precious products. Iran exported 140 million dollars of gold and jewelry only in 2011. The global turnover of gold and jewelry is over 1500 billion dollars annually, 650 billion dollars of which is the share of gold and the rest goes to jewelry, according to the report. The fifth international gold, silver, jewelry and relevant industries exhibition that kicked off on February 14 will run until February 17, 2013. FGP/FGP