Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:31AM
Activists in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region have launched a donation campaign for people in Syria’s Kurdish areas. The goodwill gesture comes as the number of Syrian Kurdish refugees has now reached 90-thousand.
The Arbil Supporters of West Kurdistan have launched their donation campaign to help people in Syria’s Kurdish areas. Political parties are also helping the group in the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. The group calls the two-week campaign a religious and national duty. The group is collecting money, food, blankets and other items until February 22. Similar projects were done in Arbil as well as Sulaymaniyah last year. The campaign comes as the number of Syrian Kurdish refugees in the Kurdistan Region has now reached 90,000 with most of them living in Kurdistan’s Dumiz refugee camp. There were 1,000 refugees in Kurdistan region last year. Local media say men, women and children on Syria’s border walk miles into the Kurdistan Region to find food and fuel. Kurdistan’s donation campaign is believed to help relieving the deplorable living conditions of Syria’s Kurds.