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Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:23AM
Poland's ambassador to Iraq Lech Stefaniak (file photo)

Poland's ambassador to Iraq Lech Stefaniak (file photo)

Polish foreign ministry says the convoy of the country's ambassador to Iraq was struck by a roadside bomb but the ambassador escaped unharmed. The attack occurred on Saturday “as two vehicles with several people including ambassador Lech Stefaniak drove through on their way to Baghdad," AFP quoted foreign ministry spokesman Marcin Bosacki as saying on Sunday. The incident took place some 30 kilometres (20 miles) south of the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk. "The mine caused minor damage to the vehicles" but "most importantly, no one was harmed," Bosacki noted. He added that Iraqi authorities opened an investigation into "whether it was an attack, whether the Polish ambassador was the target or someone else." "Another vehicle could have been the target as it is a busy main road," the spokesman pointed out. Poland had around 2,500 troops in Iraq but withdrew them in 2008. Bombings and shootings have recently intensified across Iraq. The government has stepped up efforts to increase security across the country over the past few months. MN/HN
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