Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:39PM
Kuwaiti MPs attend a parliament session in Kuwait City in May 2012.

Kuwaiti MPs attend a parliament session in Kuwait City in May 2012.

A Kuwaiti lawmaker has filed a request in parliament to question the interior minister over accusations that the interior ministry has been unlawfully dealing with the Israeli regime. On Sunday, MP Faisal al-Duwaisan said in his grilling request that the ministry bought a border security system to strengthen the Persian Gulf emirate's border with Iraq from SENSTAR Corp in Canada, AFP reported. The Shia lawmaker stated that SENSTAR is owned by Israel's Magal Security Systems which means that Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmed al-Hamoud al-Sabah, a senior member of the ruling family, has violated Kuwait’s Israel boycott laws. Duwaisan alleged that the interior minister sent a delegation to SENSTAR plant in Canada to examine the security system. He noted that the dealing with the Israeli company and disregarding the emirate's national interests "amounts to treason...and to subjecting Kuwait’s national security to danger." The grilling is likely during the last week of February and could lead to a no-confidence motion which if passed would mean immediate dismissal of the minister. Kuwait was the first Arab state in the Persian Gulf to establish an elected parliament in 1962. However, the Al Sabah family remained in control of key posts, including the premiership and the ministries of defense, interior, and foreign affairs. GJH/HN
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