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Protesters have staged a demonstration in the US state of California in protest against the government’s planned budget cuts despite President Barack Obama’s previous promises of change, Press TV reports. The demonstration in Los Angeles was the first in a series of planned protests to call on US Congress to take action. The protest came before March 1, when several budget cuts will automatically be made to social security along with other vital programs in the country. The demonstrators called for an end to what they described as ‘job killing budget cuts’. They added that the US government continues to serve the interests of the one percent by cutting benefits and other fundamental services for millions of Americans. The protesters voiced their outrage at Obama’s proposed cuts to social services at a time when the US citizens are in need of jobs. “Let the government step up and do their job. Tell the one percent to pay their fair share,” one protester told Press TV. The demonstrator also urged the US president Obama to use his power to assist the Americans and highlighted that “the government is to govern over the people to help the people not hurt the people.” The planned cutbacks are part a package that also involves raising taxes. Activists said the plan needs to be halted as it is a ‘bad policy.’ The government’s plan also contains an adjustment to the way that inflation is factored in social security benefits. Meanwhile the American Association of Retired Persons, says the adjustment will result in over USD 100 billion dollars in cuts during the next ten years. MR/HN