Thu Feb 7, 2013 2:39AM
A Bahraini pro-democracy group launched a seminar in central London to raise greater awareness of the causes and prospects of the Bahraini revolution that began nearly two years ago. London correspondent, Hassan Alkatib, met up with human rights activists and political experts at the event who warned that the international community must no longer ignore the repeated human rights violations by the Bahraini government.
It has been nearly two years since the 14th of February revolution began in Bahrain. Pro-democracy protesters came out in their tens of thousands calling for an end to the dictatorial and brutal al-Khalifa regime. The demonstrators were violently suppressed by the regimes security forces and the famous pearl roundabout, which became a symbol of the revolution, was demolished. Since then, peaceful protests have remained in full swing despite the regimes use of force. Over a hundred activists have been killed and many more have been detained and tortured. The growing list of human rights abuses and violations has alarmed rights campaigners who call on the international community to act against Bahraini government brutality and oppression. Speakers discussed the political and human rights crisis in Bahrain. There was a big emphasis on the double standards of western countries when it came to being silent on human rights abuses. The Bahrain Revolution Week in London will be hosting more events, exhibitions and rallies in the days to come.