Sat Feb 2, 2013 10:44AM
You have easily 85 billion dollars a month going into the banks under Quantitative Easing III, and Quantitative Easing IV. I mean that is highway robbery. We are bailing out a failed system that controls our politicians.”
A political analyst says the banking and petroleum groups have controlled the US government for years, favoring corporations over American citizens. According to the results of a recent poll released by Pew Research, 53 percent of Americans consider the US government a ‘threat’ to their personal rights and freedoms, with nearly three-quarters of Americans saying they only sometimes or never trust the federal government. This is the first time that a majority of respondents have described the US government as a threat against their freedoms since Pew began polling on the question in 1995. Press TV has conducted an interview with Scott Rickard, a former US intelligence linguist from Florida, to further discuss the issue. Rickard is joined by Sara Flounders, an activist with International Action Center from New York, and Brent Budowsky, a columnist with The Hill, Washington. The following is a rough transcription of the interview. Press TV: Let us just take a look at one of the comments that is being put up on our Facebook page by one of our viewers on this debate’s topic which is the results of the Pew Research Center… The question that we put up on our Facebook page today was that ‘The majority of Americans,’ according to the Pew Research Center, ‘say the Federal government threatens their personal rights. Are American’s personal rights under threat, and why?’ One of our viewers, Maggie Daves, is saying, “Today’s politicians don’t belong to America, as they seek every one’s interest except their own nation which is Americans.” Scott Rickards, let us have your reaction on this. A lot has been said, of course. We just saw our guest talking about corporate America, how basically the interests of corporations are being considered rather than the interests of the people. What is your view? We are seeing these comments and similar comments a lot on our comment page today. Rickard: It is a bit more complicated than that. I think what you are looking at is the banks have really controlled the nation alongside the petroleum industry for at least a century in this country. You have easily 85 billion dollars a month going into the banks under Quantitative Easing III, and Quantitative Easing IV. I mean that is highway robbery. We are bailing out a failed system that controls our politicians. No matter what you do, saying that they are not going to be able to give them money. That is not going to fix the problem. These are criminal banks that have operated criminally in this country especially over the last 30 years, and then they also have gotten alongside a lot of international interests that are not in the best interests of the United States. In fact, it violates the Constitution of the United States when you take interests of other countries and put them over the top of American interests. So, violating that sovereignty is exactly what is going on with the special interests groups. Those special interests groups are very well tied into the oil and the banking business. The oil business alone is a two to three trillion-dollar business a year. The banking business has obviously got everybody tied up. I mean Goldman Sachs has won the election in this country for over a hundred years. They have been around since 1827. Since 1827, they have been involved in finance. They are half-owned by the Rothschild group and so you have foreign interests that are running over 150 trillion dollars in commercial debt, not just the 16 trillion of national debt, in and out of the Federal Reserve. They are controlling the money because they control the media and they control the minds of the people. Press TV: Let us have your reaction on that. Mr. Budowsky says that not all wars are bad and when there is a known terrorist, it is okay for that terrorist to be targeted. Rickard: Obviously, if someone is doing something extremely bad, you need to resolve that problem. Unfortunately, this whole theory on terrorism around the world and global war on terrorism is nothing more than propaganda to further the imperial colonization and the exploitation of resources around the world. It is the businesses and the banks that are running it. I mean the incredible amount of monitoring and surveillance and all of these things that do violate our privacy; that is part of it. They are trying to protect themselves. There is a massive amount of censorship going on out there. The amount of requests per month going into Google alone are 25,000 requests a month to get information and then half of the information is being removed that they go after. It is being removed for executive purposes not by court order, not by any type of law or justice but basically by edit. So, we are losing not only our privacy but the Fourth Amendment - the Search and Seizure - for the same things that Aaron Swartz was being [prosecuted] for a potential 35 years, you have the courts going to say that the Feds even last weekend, that it is okay for the Feds to snoop through our data. They can snoop all day long but God forbid that we should go into a college to look at some research papers that the college was going to release anyway. We are not on a fair playing field with our government. Our government is allowed to have massive amounts of equipment, armored personnel carriers, and we cannot even have guns. They are responsible for tens of millions of people dying every year from starvation, because they are wasting their time on multiple wars that are unnecessary. Press TV: Scott Rickard, your concluding remarks on this as well. Rickard: You know, Osama bin Laden - this stinks to all high hell. You have got to look at the history of these guys and how they built up. For almost ten years over from ’84 to ’89, actually, where the bases that we built with Osama bin Laden, seven different bases, he was running command. He was commanding forces for us against the Russians. The fact is that we had him put under house arrest in Saudi Arabia alongside the Saudis and he got back out. The reason he got back out was because we turned on him. This whole “Zero Dark Thirty” takedown is so dirty that the gentleman that basically broke the story is Nicholas Schmidle. Now, Nicholas Schmidle is the son of the deputy commander for the cyber-warfare division at NSA. He was thrown out of Pakistan for basically espionage. As soon as he came out of espionage, he started to work for a Google think tank. That Google think-tank is called New America Foundation. It is a CIA think tank where this guy goes and he writes a story in the New Yorker on August 8th, 2011, saying “Getting bin Laden.” He is getting all of his information from the Pentagon and he is writing. He is the son of the deputy commander for the cyber-warfare division at NSA. This stinks to all high hell to me. I do not trust my government. I am right alongside everyone else and I have got hundreds of stories like this and there is a lot of fact around it. GMA/HSN