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Sat Feb 2, 2013 9:39AM
 A group of Muslim Chanters in Algeria

A group of Muslim Chanters in Algeria

Iran has produced a religious documentary project adapted from the Asian and African folk songs on Islam's Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The documentary titled Spiritual Songs visualizes the religious songs in form of screen performances with no narration, said the film producer Mohammad Ali Hosseinnejad. The songs which were selected from 14 countries of two continents of Asia and Africa show the people’s love and respect for the great Prophet of Islam despite the vast variety in their ethnic, geographical and language origins at these areas, Hosseinnejad explained. The documentary was compiled by four filmmakers who contributed to the project, while the selected countries were divided among them to be reviewed for the purpose. Shahram Alidi focused on the scenario in Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and India, while Siavash Ebrahimzadeh worked in Brunei, Indonesia and some Southeast Asian countries including Thailand. Mahmoud Reza Sani took shots of a various ranges of Muslim Chanters in Algeria, Kenya, Union of Comoros, Sudan and Tanzania and Reza Abiat did his part in Turkmenistan. Spiritual Songs is programmed to be premiered in the documentary section of the 2013 Fajr International Film Festival which is being currently held in the Iranian capital, Hosseinnejad noted. “We are planning to produce the project’s sequel depicting the scenario in European and American countries,” he added. Mohammad Ali Hosseinnejad has made several documentaries focused on the socio-cultural and economic conditions of Iran’s rural areas. He also took some remarkable pictures from the front lines of the Iraq-Iran war during 1980s. FGP/FGP
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