Fri Feb 1, 2013 12:50AM
People suffering from bank evictions in Spain continue to protest in the streets. The group ‘Platform Of The Affected Families By The Bank Mortgages’ made a statement on Thursday asking that their situation be resolved. They said the government's latest move is just another patch coming from popular pressure.
After spending 102 nights in the street, protesting for the eviction problem in Spain, the members of the platform of the affected families by the bank mortgages have considered it is time to express their opinions on the situation they are going through. They consider it all to be part of a big set to benefit the banks This last Wednesday, the economic minister Luis de Guindos said that the government is preparing new lines of action to solve this problem, with measures that include debt reduction for the evicted and a maximum of 30 years for mortgages payment. Measures considered as "patches" by the Platform members. To make more evident the lack of understanding between the evicted people, banks and government, members of the platform have tried, with no success, to deliver many thousands of signed petitions so 11 families, one per each of these piles, may discuss with the bank a pay in kind and therefore, a condonation of their debt. Since 2008, more than 400.000 families have been evicted from their homes. At the same time, banks responsible for the crisis and the evictions have received public fundings to avoid bankruptcy. For this reason, and for a total change in the mortgages law, the platform of affected families by bank mortgages have called for a nation-wide demonstration to take place on February 16th in all Spanish Capitals. 102 nights of a fight against a system that has taken away everything that they've got. A movement that has been able to, not only to paralyze over 500 evictions in all of Spain, but that has also gained the sympathy and the respect of the entire Spanish society, except of course, of the banks.