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Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:15AM
A US Predator drone (file photo)

A US Predator drone (file photo)

A new survey shows that 68 percent of the people in the Northwest African country of Algeria disapprove of the US leadership. The October 12-17 poll conducted by the Gallup indicated that the Algerians' approval of the US leadership fell to 30 percent in 2012, down from 38 percent in 2011. The survey, whose results were announced on January 18, 2013, was based on face-to-face interviews with 1,000 adults aged 15 and older. The poll also indicated that the Algerian people’s disapproval of the US leadership is “among the highest in the world,” and just behind Pakistan and the occupied Palestinian Territories. This comes as according to unnamed US officials, the US military command in Africa (AFRICOM) is preparing to establish a base for unmanned aircraft, which would likely be located in western Niger. If the plan is carried out, it would represent another instance of the expansion of the US presence and its spying operations in Africa. According to US officials, if the drone base is approved, up to 300 US military service members and contractors could be sent to the base to operate the drones. Meanwhile, the Pentagon recently announced plans to put specialized army troops in 35 African countries. MR/PKH
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