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Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:26AM
A work by Roxana Manouchehri

A work by Roxana Manouchehri

A collection of juxtaposed paintings created by Dublin-based Iranian artist Roxana Manouchehri has been exhibited in Assar Art Gallery in the Iranian capital, Tehran. The exhibition titled Shadow Show displays Manouchehri’s collected works with Iranian and European blended themes. The artist adapted some elements from Renaissance art for the shadow-like motifs and blended them with Persian miniature painting. Manouchehri’s exhibited works mirror the environmental impact of the different places on the artist’s inspiration in painting. “The Eastern elements are the embodiment of my inner feelings and the Western atmosphere of my works depicts the influence of the places I have been living in,” Manouchehri noted. Roxana Manouchehri as a visual artist generally focuses on her surroundings and represents them in her creations through highlighting the gap of nature and form found between modernism and tradition. The exhibition kicked off on January 26 and will run until February 18, 2013. FGP/FGP
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