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Portugal holds Iran cultural week
Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:56AM
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Portugal is holding a week-long Iranian cultural exhibition in the city of Cascais to provide an opportunity to introduce the Persian civilization to the Portuguese, Press TV reports.

The cultural event kicked off on Wednesday at Cascais’ cultural center, exhibiting Persian paintings, handicrafts, literature and music.

The cultural week is aimed at providing visitors with an insight into Iran’s civilization and culture.

The artists who participate in the event showcase their skills in calligraphy, miniatures, khatam-kari, which is an Iranian art of crafting micro-mosaic, and monabat-kari, the art of carving on wood.

The event is also a good opportunity for Portuguese and Iranian investors to meet and discuss further cooperation.

Julio Appleton, from a Portuguese consulting company, told Press TV that the company was seeking investments in Iran.

Iran’s embassy in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, held a film week in collaboration with Portugal’s Cinema Museum last December to introduce Iranian cinematic arts and culture.

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