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Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:41PM
Manuel Hassassian, representative of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to Britain

Manuel Hassassian, representative of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to Britain

“There is no two-state solution” to the conflict between the Palestinians and Israeli regime, says the representative of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to Britain, local media reported. According to a report by the British news website The Commentator Manuel Hassassian made the remarks on January 15 to the British Parliament, where he was speaking as a guest of lawmaker Jeremy Corbyn. “There is no two-state solution,” Hassassian said. “Democracies don’t fight each other. If Israel is a democracy, I would claim that the Palestinians are also a democracy. If democracies cannot fight each other, then why not have one state? One man, one vote”, the official added. Moreover, Hassassian is said to have questioned Israel’s future by remarking upon the growing Muslim population in the world. “The United States is not going to be Israel’s strategic ally for time immemorial," he said. "And today we have 1.5 billion Muslims. In 20 years we will have 2 billion. And those 2 billion, forget about politics, from a religious perspective will not allow Israel to continue desecrating their religious rights”, added Hassassian. Meanwhile, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Tuesday that prospects for a two-state solution to the conflict are almost dead because of expanding Jewish settlement in occupied territory, and warned Israel it was losing international support. MOL/HE
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