Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:19AM
In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing-- the Freedom and Justice Party-- have launched a campaign to boost efforts to rebuild the country.
The Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, the freedom and justice party held a conference to inaugurate a campaign for internal development entitled "together we build egypt" to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. The campaign aims to provide health care for one million patients in need, renovate 2000 schools and plant more than 500,000 trees. The conference was attended by senior Muslim Brotherhood and FJP members as well as representatives of civil society organizations. Mostafa Ghoneim, the head of the campaign said in the ceremony that while the revolution took place to destroy a corrupt system, it was also aimed at building a new Egypt based on the principles of freedom and social justice. Ghoneim called on civil society organizations and businessmen to contribute to the campaign to reconstruct Egypt. In essence, the officials stressed the importance of accomplishing the demands and objectives of the January revolution which ousted longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak. According to officials, one month has been set to achieve the 3 goals of the campaign with a priority given to providing patients with adequate health care services. Observers say, as the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution draws closer, Egyptians are divided over whether to celebrate the success of the Islamic stream in the first post Mubarak elections or to push for further political reform.