Wednesday Jan 23, 201303:59 AM GMT
French schools closed, teachers on strike over reforms
Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:59AM
Anustup Roy, Press TV, Paris
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French teachers are on strike. They are demonstrating against fresh reforms proposed by the Education Minister who plans to extend school week. This is one of the biggest demonstrations being held by teachers in the country in what is considered muscle flexing to stop an unpopular reform.

It’s the second day of teachers’ strike in France.

The reason: they are against the Education Minister’s plans to extend school week by one day. French children have one of the longest school hours in Europe.

But observers say, these changes will harm school students, their parents and their teachers.

Teachers had already taken to the streets several times last year over job cuts.
After all, French teachers are among the least paid and the most overworked in the EU.

In the French capital, more than 80 percent of teachers are on strike. For teachers’ unions, this is a show of strength. For the government, this is another test it definitely doesn’t want to fail.
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