Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:34AM
Like the people of many other Muslim nations, Egyptians do not approve of the French military intervention in Mali. Egyptians have held a demonstration outside the French Embassy in Cairo to protest what they describe as France's colonial decision to send troops to the West African country.
Anger in Egypt over France’s military intervention in MALi. Egyptian protesters have held a rally in front of the French embassy in Cairo. They chanted anti French slogans and called on the Egyptian government to withdraw its ambassador to France. This woman is an Algerian activist who has come to call on Algeria to stop supporting the West in its aggression against the Muslim world. Elsewhere, Egypt's president Mohammed Morsi voiced his opposition to military intervention in MALi. Morsi said the situation must be dealt with QUOTE-wisely. Many people in Egypt have voiced their opposition to France's recent military intervention in MALi just as they have also called for an end to the brutal aggression of the west against Muslims all over the globe.