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Second day of a major strike by school bus drivers in largest US city of New York has ended without any progress in negotiations as tens of thousands of parents struggled to get their kids to school and themselves to work on time, Press TV reports. Protesting cutbacks imposed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, city bus drivers continued their strike on Thursday as many parents were late in delivering their children to school and getting to work by public transportation or personal cars. While the driver’s union is demanding salary protections, Mayor Bloomberg claims that courts will not allow the salary increase. Meanwhile, the president of the drivers' union insists that the Mayor is not being honest and that by soliciting bids from other bus companies Bloomberg is attempting to cut costs on the backs of senior bus drivers. Currently, one third of the pupils struggling to make it to school are special-needs or handicapped children. They are the ones that are likely to miss school bus service the most due to their various forms of disabilities. For parents, on the other hand, the choice of taking a child to school or having kids take public transportation is not considered a realistic choice. New York, along with most urban areas across the US, is not regarded as very safe for children to roam around or take public transportation unaccompanied by an adult. For their part, many drivers insist that they are not pleased with the choice of having to wage the strike, and that they feel they have no other options. This is while the cost of living in New York is extremely expensive and reportedly higher than any other US city, and with a starting salary of only USD14 per hour, the bus drivers say that no one's getting rich. MFB/MFB