Wed Jan 16, 2013 6:41PM
The history of Islam has gone through sensitive eras in the British Isles, the largest island in Europe, during the reign of rulers such as ‘King George I’ and 'Elizabeth II', marked with a rise in Islamophobic sentiments. The UK’s royal system has adopted the same discriminatory approach vis-à-vis Muslims, it used to exercise against the black population or other minorities of the country. This means that the British monarchy has always been treating Muslims with some degree of discrimination and bigotry as compared to the white society of the nation. To this end, the British scientific bodies affiliated to the country’s royal apparatus have always been threatening sociologists and historians not to refer to the royal family’s discriminatory approach towards Muslims. In 1583 A.D., the British ruler at the time ordered his agents to employ as salves many Muslims from countries such as India, Morocco, and some nations affiliated to the Ottoman empire. The monarchs even used to force Muslims to convert to Christianity against their will. In 1725, many Muslims were brought to Britain from North Africa to be employed as slaves by the country’s royal family. Throughout history, the British rulers have been pursuing Islamophobic policies to prevent the spread of Islam across Europe. Such sentiments are so strong in the West, Britain in particular, that the term 'Islamophobia' does not adequately express the full range and depth of antipathy towards Islam and Muslims. Attitudes and policies towards Muslims in Britain and Europe have a mixture of dread (phobia) and outright racism. MOL/SZH/HE