Wed Jan 16, 2013 6:11AM
Pakistan's Supreme Court order to arrest the Prime Minister has drived tens of thousands of people close to the Parliement. The protesters led by a controversial cleric is pressuring the government to pack up or face his street power near country’s Parliament.
This is how protestors removed barriers to reach close to the Parliament to press their demand to topple the government. But they were prevented by thousands of security personnel before they could have attempted to besiege the Parliament. Tahirul Qadri, a cleric and Canadian citizen, is leading the protestors. He is believed to be a cult leader and draws his main strength from network of hundreds of academic institutions in Pakistan. The Opposition blames the West for secretly providing hundreds of millions of dollars to project him as a high profile political leader. And help him as Qadari himself reluctantly agrees to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan with the backing of army. The government backed by almost all political parties and bar associations have sounded determined to reject unconstitutional demands which they say smack of conspiracy to seek illegal intervention of military and the judiciary. Tens of thousands of people are determined to stay here near the Parliament until their demands are met. By mid day on Tuesday, a large number of people started dispersing. And the cleric was begging the crowd by exploiting their religious sentiments to linger on their stay at least for another day. However, the Supreme Court’s order to arrest Prime Minister in a corruption case has given hope to otherwise very exhausted crowd to bring down the government. Thousands of people spent their night in a biting cold weather. Most of them were unable to sleep last night as there are no appropriate makeshift arrangements . Given the adverse conditions here, it is hard to imagine that every body here would be able to prolong his stay beyond next 24.