Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:29PM
The crème of the crop of medical research community in Iran honored and awarded. Iranian President attended the 18th Razi Research Festival on Medical Sciences, the most important event having to do with medical science in Iran to honor and award best scientists in this area. More than 840 researchers’ forwarded their articles to the Secretariat of the festival and 34 articles were chosen. The Secretary of the event told us about its aim. Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad at this event talked about Iran’s advances in pharmaceutical industry. Iran’s Health Ministry officials were also present and told us how the country is taking care of the patients in the wake of the unilateral sanctions by the West Award winners told us about their research and its significance. The committees in this festival include Clinical Surgery, General Internal Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceuticals, Committee of inventions, Managerial Skills, health, and Nutrition.