Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:54AM
The debate over gun control continues to go on in the United States. A week after the U-S Vice President assembled a group tasked with addressing the country’s gun problem, there are indications that old habits die hard.
As Vice President Joe Biden prepares his report on how gun control reform should look in the United States, many Americans are pushing back by taking up arms. Gun and ammunition sales have soared over the past two weeks as people rush to stock up before restrictions take place. This, as leading liberal lawmakers plead for stores to curb gun sales. Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder and cabinet members have met with interest groups to discuss gun policy proposals. Officials from the National Rifle Association left the talks disenchanted and challenged negotiations with the Vice President on gun policy. Politicians in Washington are deeply divided over new gun regulations, but an urgent national debate has been ignited by massacres in Colorado and most recently in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Yet still, gun sales are on the rise. Gun dealers and buyers say that the rapid growth in gun sales began after President Obama’s re-election and began to soar after the Newtown school shooting. Impending restrictions on gun sales are spurring fear amongst some gun owners that they won’t have easy access to weaponry. Biden has suggested that he would recommend universal background checks and limits on high capacity clips like the one used in the Sandy Hook shooting eliminating loopholes from gun show sales. However, Biden’s proposals face a showdown in Congress where opposition members say that the White House’s recommendations trample on second amendment, gun ownership rights. The President has vowed to use executive powers to codify laws on gun control which has also raised concerns from his critics and gun enthusiasts.