Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:6AM
Russia marks the so-called Old New Year on January the 14th. The celebrations coincided with a gathering of Russian politicians, who had gotten together for an annual review meeting organized by prominent diplomat Evgeny Primakov.
It was a full house at the International Trade Centre in Moscow. Russia's political and business elite came to listen to a traditional annual review by one of Russia's most prominent and respected politicians, Evgeny Primakov. His report gauged the results of last year. Primakov summarised the most important events that took place in Russia in 2012. He talked about the economic situation, various new laws and the need for a reform in the banking system. Primakov also offered his analysis into international affairs. Evgeny Primakov is a well-respected political figure in Russia, during his long career he served as the Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister, as well as holding other top posts. Events of this kind have been held every year since Primakov formed the Mercury Club, an informal dialogue platform for business and political leaders, in 2002. After the report was presented, all the guests were invited to take part in a closed door reception. This annual meeting and reception is a traditional place for Russia's political, cultural and business elite to get together in an unofficial atmosphere. With so many public figures under one roof, it’s a place to discuss major events, network and review the situation in the country.