Tuesday Jan 15, 201301:18 AM GMT
President of European Council in Egypt for talks
Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:18AM
Karim Gamal al-Deen, Press TV, Cairo
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The president of the European Council is in the Egyptian capital Cairo. Herman Van Rumpoy has held talks with the country’s top officials over the latest developments in Egypt and the Middle East.

The president of the European council Herman Van Rompuy has met with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi as well as other top Egyptian officials in Cairo. High on the agenda are recent political developments in the Middle East region. Rompuy also met with the Arab League Secretary General Nabil el Araby to discuss the Palestinian issue. El Arabi stressed that stability in the region could only be accomplished through bringing an end to the Israeli occupation.

For his part, Rompuy added that European and international efforts must be made in order to bring an end to the bloodshed in Syria.

Other issues that were discussed were the IMF loan to Egypt, returning Egypt's stolen assets by former regime members as well as boosting bilateral ties between Egypt and the European Union.

Observers say western powers are piling up pressure extreme pressure to interfere in Syria's internal affairs. But many Arab leaders and officials in the Middle East say that any solution for the crisis in Syria must only come from within the Syrian people.
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