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A British company, which is convicted of bribing foreign officials, has maintained the sales of poisonous lead fuel additive to the world’s poorest countries. Environmental groups urged the UK government to ban Innospec Ltd, which claims to be the world’s only producer of tetraethyl lead (TEL), from exporting the substance, The Independent disclosed. The TEL is banned to be used on Britain's roads but remains legal in six impoverished nations, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Burma, Yemen and North Korea. According to the reports, the company had intended to stop production and sales of the TEL substance at the end of last 2012, but it has now set a new deadline of the end of this year to stop all its TEL dealings, from which it has made huge profits. The risks of using leaded petrol led to removal of the substance from rich countries since the mid-1970s. Studies revealed that the use of this kind of patrol had negative effects on children, including damage of the nervous system and IQ. MOS/SSM/HE