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Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:58PM
David Cameron (L), Nick Clegg (R)

David Cameron (L), Nick Clegg (R)

British Conservatives have rounded angrily on Liberal Democrat peers, as they joined Labour to delay a constituency boundary review, which could probably give Tories 20 extra seats. In all, 72 Liberal Democrats voted against the British Prime Minister David Cameron's plans to redraw parliamentary boundaries with none voting in favour. The House of Lords consequently voted by 300 to 231 to back delaying plans for a boundary review until 2018 at the earliest. The review being delayed for five years now is a damaging blow to Cameron’s chances of winning the overall majority in 2015 general election. The furious Conservatives accused the Liberal Democrats and particularly the party’s leader Nick Clegg of double crossing, cheating and opportunism to delay the review. Lord Forsyth, the former Tory cabinet minister accused the Liberal Democrats of cheating and said, "What we are seeing today is that the deputy prime minister is going from cross to double cross, because that is what this is - it is a double cross." MOS/SSM/HE
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