Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:47AM
A demonstration outside the headquarters of the C-I-A in Langley, Virginia. Protesters are furious about U-S assassination drone attacks in other countries such as Pakistan. They're demanding an end to the deadly drone operations.
It is a monthly vigil organized by Christian peace activists against assassination drone strikes. Protesters gather in front of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to condemn the Agency's increasing use of drone warfare. Just two weeks into New Year, many people have lost their lives as the US has escalated its drone attacks in Pakistan. Earlier this week, President Obama nominated John Brennan as CIA director. His choice of Brennan is seen as a controversial one for several reasons, namely his strong support for assassination drone strikes, earning him the nickname 'the assassination czar'. This nomination was met with anger and dismay by many activists. Under the Bush administration, Brennan also came under fire for his role in warrantless wiretapping, extraordinary rendition and enhanced interrogation tactics which many equate to torture. To mark the 11th anniversary of Gitmo's opening, several protesters were also fasting as a symbol of their solidarity with the detainees being held at the Guantanamo Bay as well as the lesser known black sites around the world. Marjan Asi, Press TV, Langley