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Tue Jan 8, 2013 10:55AM
File photo of Norwegian Culture Minister Hadia Tajik

File photo of Norwegian Culture Minister Hadia Tajik

The Norwegian culture minister says her country will not allow Muslim women police officers to wear hijab -- Islamic dress code for females-- as part of their uniform, rejecting a proposal from a commission appointed by the government. “The commission has had a broad mandate…They have raised the issue of religious symbols and uniforms. The government…decided that religious symbols would not be allowed to be used in connection with police uniforms,” Culture Minister Hadia Tajik said on Monday. This comes after the government-appointed commission submitted a proposal allowing religious headwear to be used by police officers and judges across the European country. Earlier in the day, the head of the commission, Sturla Stalsett issued a statement, saying that the entire 15-member panel believed that the government should allow the scarf to be worn by Muslim women police officers. The main function of the commission, appointed in 2010, is to review various faith-related issues concerning the Norwegian society and the country’s legislation. MAM/HN
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