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Sat Jan 5, 2013 1:59PM
Israeli President Shimon Peres reviews the Greek Presidential guard during a welcoming ceremony in Athens on August 6, 2012.

Israeli President Shimon Peres reviews the Greek Presidential guard during a welcoming ceremony in Athens on August 6, 2012.

The Al Jazeera news network has conducted an interview with Israeli President Shimon Peres. In the charm offensive interview, every trick in the cameraman’s book has been used to project Peres’ less rotten side to the public: Flattery thy name is Qatari rulers…evidently. The man currently driving forth the Zionist legacy of wars of aggression, military invasion, occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and rampant racism against all gentiles is filmed asking with all the grace of a soap actor: Why are they (Palestinians) shooting? Well, that would be a tough one to answer!! Back in November 2012, the international community was once again outraged by images of Palestinian children blown to bits in yet another Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip. The total absence of respect for human life demonstrated by Israel was so shocking that Tel Aviv was forced to backtrack on its stated aim of another ground invasion of Gaza if only to prevent further damage to its deteriorating international standing. Even some veteran Israeli journalists from Haaretz were outraged by what they were witnessing. They realized that the route advocated by their regime is leading to international rejection of all irrelevant arguments, put forward by Tel Aviv over many decades for occupation of and ethnic cleansing in Palestinian lands. Meanwhile, in Washington, the Noble Peace Prize winning President Obama has been busy delisting a terrorist organization reviled by all Iranians. President Obama obviously does not want to disappoint the “conspiracy theorists,” who have been highlighting the US intelligence services’ firm ties with dozens of terror organizations in the Middle East. After all, US presidents are tasked with upholding security for the corrupt, criminal bankers who have been running the dollar currency scam on behalf of or indeed as Washington rulers. The sanctions regime against the Iranian nation is in full swing, depriving ordinary Iranians of their most basic human rights, while terror organizations are being funded, legitimized, and armed to the teeth to attack sovereign nations in the Middle East with assistance from the usual Western lackeys in the region: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, etc. Going back to the Al Jazeera interview with Perez, it would not be right for anyone in the Tel Aviv regime to talk to the media without having a go at Iran. Mr. Peres managed to keep a straight face as he uttered yet more extremist ravings against Iranians. He said that Tel Aviv wants the world to understand that Iran is a threat to the whole world. Mr. Peres and his extremist, certifiable gang have forgotten that had it not been for Iran’s divine deeds two and a half thousand years ago, there may not have been an entity surviving as the Jewish people: This according to the Torah, since Iranians are far too humble to want to mention their noble deeds throughout history to assist those in dire need. Iranian blood has also been spilt on a number of occasions throughout history to safeguard one of its ancient communities, that of the Iranian Jewish community, which is the biggest in the Middle East outside of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, whose children are exempt from national service and possess a permanent seat in Majlis (the Iranian Parliament). But more to the point, we are being told via a news agency of an authoritarian Persian Gulf sheikh that Iran, a nation renowned for love, peace, and charity, is a threat to the world while Israel with its atrocious record of wars of aggression and a massive undeclared nuclear weapons arsenal is a dove. A despotic Persian Gulf sheikhdom’s mouthpiece is paying lip service to a main warmonger and violator of human rights and it even has an audience in the West; we kid you not! But perhaps in the disarray of confusing images and discord of fairy tales being force-fed to the global populations in a last-ditch effort to preserve their hegemony, it would be foolhardy to expect more from despots, their corporate media mouthpieces, and lackey zombies. Israeli rulers would like all to think that their people are happy and united under their rule and seek to present a facade of absolute bliss to the gullible. This cannot be any further from the truth because more than seven Israelis have set themselves ablaze to protest the injustices being committed by the regime against them. Israelis realize that they and their children are hemmed in by the very walls, barbed wire fences, and machinegun posts, they have helped build on occupied Palestinian lands to keep the “terrorists” out. Economic disparity and corruption is rife in Israel. One would imagine that a regime with boasts of total control over world finance would be willing to feed its own. In the end, the rose-tinted view of Israel that the out-of-touch Tel Aviv regime still attempts to portray to the rest of the world will be perceived as little more than pure theatre by an international community awakened by the voices of reason coming from an ancient and sacred land called Iran. KM/HN
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