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Blair, Israeli divorcee in intimate affair
Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:26PM
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Cherie Blair (R) has been warned to watch, more seriously, her husband's relationship with the controversial Ms Strauss (L).
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has developed an intimate relationship with one of the richest divorcees in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Blair's unusually close relation with 51-year-old Ofra Strauss, who divorced her second husband last year, has led to speculations in the Israeli press that they are “having an affair,” British media reported.

Ofra is the head of a £1.3billion food company whose high prices triggered the biggest social protests in Israeli regime's history.

Blair pays frequent visits to the occupied lands as the representative of the Middle East's so-called 'Quartet,' consisting of the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia to coordinate international talks on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But, his unusual meetings with the lady prompted a columnist for Maariv, a Hebrew newspaper, to write an open letter to Blair's wife Cherie earlier this year warning her to watch for her husband more seriously.

“For the information of Mrs Blair,' the article began.'Very, very quietly this weekend, the official car allocated to Tony Blair by the Quartet glided through the gates of Ofra's house, which is protected by tight security measures… all kinds of bad people have called me trying to suggest this visit had the character of a sexy conspiracy, so I'm handing the matter over to you to handle personally.”

Ofra Strauss is the chairman and former chief executive of the Strauss Group, a food conglomerate she inherited from her father, Michael, which makes dairy products, snacks and confectionery.

Thousands of protesters held a tent city gathering in central Tel Aviv in July to protest high prices charged by Strauss Group for its products.

Weekly demonstrations, dubbed the Israeli Arab Spring, continued in Tel Aviv for more than three months in protest against the Zionist regime's policies, which they complained, are widening the gap between rich and poor.

Chaim Asa, a strategic security adviser to successive Israeli prime ministers said, “Israeli politics had become 'corrupted' by the close relationship between politicians and tycoons such as Ms Strauss.”

Meanwhile, the former British premier is widely criticised for blurring his official duties as a diplomat with lucrative business opportunities for his private consulting firm, Tony Blair Associates, whose clients include the rulers of Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.

Critics say if Blair had worked for any of the Quartet's individual components, such as the UN, the EU or the UK Government, he could not have acted in such a fashion and would have to make a full declaration of his financial interests.

As Quartet representative, however, he does neither, and estimates show that the wealth he has amassed since leaving office ranges from £25m to £60m, according to the reports.

Now, this question remains to be answered is that how Tony Blair could be able to represent the West on such a vital issue as the Palestinians' rights to their ancestral lands is, when he is running a huge business as well as intimate relationships, which are being rumored as 'intimate affair.'

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