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Former foreign correspondent and newsreader for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Michael Buerk has strongly criticized the current state of Britain in general and the BBC in particular. Buerk, who was one of the BBC’s most well-known newsreaders until 2002 wrote said in an article for Daily Mirror that the society is becoming more and more divided each year. The former newsreader added that Britain is becoming a lonelier and more unequal society where social mobility "hasn't just seized up" but has rather gone "into reverse" in 2012. Buerk said the British establishment and the country’s celebrity-based culture are alike in being out of touch with reality as a “cultural elite” are at odds with the "values of those outside its own self-referential inner circle". Buerk said more people are facing financial hadrdhip while "senior executives pay soars and, even at the top of public service organisation such as the BBC, fortunes are flung at failures". The BBC’s coverage of the British Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was also angrily denounced by Buerk. “With barely an exception, they were cringingly inept. Nobody knew anything and nobody cared. The main presenter couldn't even work out what to call the Queen. I was so ashamed of the BBC I would have wept if I hadn't been so angry," he said. BGH/AMR/HE