Wed Dec 26, 2012 3:16AM
Egypt's High Electoral Commission has finally announced the results of the country's constitutional referendum. Official results have shown that the majority of Egyptians have voted for the charter. This after weeks of political crisis and violent protests
Egypt has announced official results of voting on the controversial constitution. At a news conference, the head of High Electoral Commission, Samir Abul Maaty, said that 63-point-eight-percent of Egyptians have voted “YES” to the new constitution. He said a total of 32-point-nine-percent of eligible voters participated in the referendum. With the announcement of the results, Egypt's first constitution goes into effect following a revolution that ousted former dictator Hosni Mubarak. But the opposition says the constitution does not meet the demands of the Egyptian people. Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights has called on the officials to investigate alleged irregularities and frauds during the referendum. The council has stated that it has reported over 1,000 violations to the High Electoral Commission. The violations range from delayed opening of polls to impending work of election observers. In essence, the 6th of April Youth Movement held a similar conference to comment on the events of the referendum. The movement also reported on the violations during the vote. On another front, the supporters of President Morsi have called for celebrations outside the presidential palace on Friday to show their satisfaction with the new constitution. Observers say the official results of the constitutional referendum is not likely to end the deep polarization between Egyptians as it would shape a new contest between Egypt's Islamic stream and the secular-led opposition.