Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:23AM
Analysts say Britain’s defence cooperation with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the possible deployment of armed forces in the Persian Gulf could be a plan to surround Iran. Geo-political analyst Patrick Henningsen told Russia Today that one of the reasons for the recent increase in British and American presence in the Persian Gulf could be provoking tensions with Iran. This comes as British Prime Minister David Cameron said ahead of this week's visit to Oman on Friday that he may conclude a £1.55 billion deal with the country for 12 Typhoon fighter jets. Henningsen added that while the British and the Americans are happy stationing their armed forces in the Persian Gulf region and are keen to sell weapons to dictatorships in the Middle-East, they remain silent on recent human rights abuses taking place in Bahrain and Kuwait. Britain's Typhoon fighter jets are their latest aircraft sales, which Cameron said he is “very keen” to promote. Saudi Arabia already has 72 Typhoons, while Cameron is aiming to set up a partnership with the UAE that could involve an order for up to 60 more killer planes. BGH/AMR/HE