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Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:1PM
Egypt's Vice President Mahmoud Mekki (file photo)

Egypt's Vice President Mahmoud Mekki (file photo)

Egypt’s state television reports that Vice President Mahmoud Mekki has resigned his post as the second round of a referendum on the new constitution is still in progress. Mekki, a career judge, said in a statement on Saturday that he was stepping down because “political work does not suit my professional character as a judge.” He added that he had submitted his resignation on November 7, but certain events had made him delay the decision until now. "I saw that today (Saturday) was an appropriate time to announce my resignation as vice president of the republic," he noted. Mekki was named to the post by President Mohamed Morsi in August. He was only the second Egyptian vice president in more than three decades. His resignation comes as the second phase of a referendum on the new constitution is going on. Saturday's vote took place in 17 of Egypt's 27 provinces on a series of constitutional changes proposed by President Morsi. The first round that was held in 10 provinces last Saturday gave Morsi a narrow lead in his bid to change the constitution. AR/SS
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