Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:30AM
Iran's deputy foreign minister has been in the Russian capital Moscow for talks about the situation in the Middle East. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has presented Tehran's six-point plan to solve the unrest in Syria.
Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister held talks with his Russian counterpart at a closed meeting in Moscow. Iran's six-point plan to solve the unrest in Syria was presented at this meeting. The two sides exchanged their views on the situation in Syria and the plan was accepted by Moscow. The plan calls for an immediate end to violence and a start of the national dialogue. The third step is to create a reconciliation government and provide humanitarian aid to the people of Syria. The next step is the release of prisoners, who have not committed a crime against Syrians. And the final point is to allow media full access to Syria. This is the second time the two Deputy Foreign Ministers meet recently. The last time Mikhail Bogdanov came to Tehran to meet with his counterpart where they discussed the latest international and regional developments. Russia and Iran have a similar stance when it comes to ending the unrest in Syria. Iran and Russia are against any foreign intervention. Iran says its plan was created according to international laws and allows for stability and a peaceful transition towards civil elections in Syria when people can decide their own future. The Syrian national dialogue, between the government, members of the opposition and civilian representatives was initiated in Tehran about 3 weeks ago, following the last meeting between Bogdanov and Abdollahian. The second stage will take place in Damascus in the near future.