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Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:7AM
Baha Mousa and his family

Baha Mousa and his family

A former British army doctor has been found guilty for acting dishonestly following the death of Iraqi civilian Baha Mousa, who was beaten and killed under the British soldiers’ custody. A medical watchdog ruled on Sunday that Dr Derek Keilloh failed to protect the detainee and acted dishonestly. The charges against the British doctor date back to 2003, when Mousa was bashed to death while in British custody in Basra, southern Iraq. Mousa suffered 93 separate injuries, including fractured ribs, a broken nose and internal trauma, while in detention. Keilloh, however, denied any knowledge of his injuries and claimed he had only spotted dried blood around Mousa's nose after he was arrested and beaten. In 2003, Baha Mousa was rounded up with nine other Iraqis at the Haitham Hotel in Basra, where he worked as a receptionist. Two days later he was dead. Britain's Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service will now decide what penalty the British doctor will face. MOS/AMR/HE
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