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NYC mayor says no to temporary homes for Sandy victims
A lot with FEMA trailers wanting to be delivered. (File photo)
A lot with FEMA trailers wanting to be delivered. (File photo)
New Yorkers made homeless by Hurricane Sandy have not received provisional homes even though the trailers are ready for delivery.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Tuesday he does not intend to request mobile homes for those displaced after the deadly October 29 storm and instead will continue with his Rapid Repairs program, which rebuilds damaged homes.

Since Sandy hit only 1,200 homes have been repaired and 11,390 families are waiting with no heat or electricity.

“It is getting cold you can’t expect people to rely on their neighbors or distant relatives or stay in motels forever,” said a Bloomberg critic.

There are 20,000 trailers ready to be delivered by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), however, with the mayor's decision victims are facing substantial health risks by staying in their damaged homes.

A FEMA representative said that installing the trailers would risk “compounding the problem” and result in the homes being put “where they don’t belong.”

Residents angered by the statements are demanding FEMA to deliver the homes stating there are many open areas where trailers could be set up.

"You got a whole field right up the block called Miller Field where there's acres and acres of land," said resident Frank Caputo.

Bloomberg has made several questionable decisions since Hurricane Sandy. He initially refused to cancel the New York Marathon, which was to be held on November 4, just six days after Sandy devastated the area.

Hurricane Sandy claimed 103 lives and plunged more than 8.2 million people into darkness, more than three million of them in New York and New Jersey.

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