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Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:33PM
Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi

The Iranian Foreign Ministry says Tehran has demanded an explanation over the death of an Iranian national while in police custody in the Netherlands. In an exclusive interview with Press TV on Wednesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi stated that Iran will take an official stance after receiving further information from Dutch authorities. The Islamic Republic has also demanded a forensic investigation into the cause of the death of Hossein Mahboubi. Iran has urged Dutch authorities not to bury the body until the family of the deceased moves to the Netherlands and all aspects of the incident are known. Mahboubi was a UAE resident who had traveled to the Netherlands. The Iranian Embassy in The Hague said 40-year-old was arrested in the city of Utrecht on Sunday and died in police custody hours later. The Dutch authorities have launched an investigation into the case to find out the cause of the Iranian national’s death and also clarify whether the police had been involved in the incident. MRS/AS
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