Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:30PM
North Korea places a satellite into orbit. The launch has outraged the U-S and its allies in the region. They say the the move threatens regional security.
North Korea has launched a rocket carrying in defiance of the United States and its allies. The move comes as an international surprise as Pyongyang said it would extend the launch window for the rocket Monday while reports from Seoul Tuesday, indicated that the rocket was being removed from the launch pad. North Korea state news took pride in the accomplishment. South Korea confirmed that North Korea’s satellite was successfully placed into orbit while the United States said it will continue to monitor the situation. The North American Aerospace Defense Command said Pyongyang “appeared” to have put an object into outer space. Still, the success of the satellite has yet to be confirmed as it will take more than one day for the United States to track if anything has been put into orbit by North Korea. Seoul denounced Pyongyang’s actions agreeing with Washington that the launch is a “highly provocative act that threatens regional security.” North Korea’s rocket launch comes amid continuous failed efforts by South Korea to send its own indigenous satellite into outer space. Some analysts argue that condemnations of Pyongyang’s show the double standards of the international community. Israel violated many kinds of UN Security Council resolutions. India and Pakistan has been banned by the UN Security Council and told, “don’t launch any ballistic missile.” However, despite the resolutions they are doing even though that India and Pakistan has not been reported to the UN, just going. The only case is North Korea. The success of the rocket launch makes North Korea the 10th country in the world to send its own satellite into space. While Washington and its allies suggest Pyongyang’s launch is to develop its ballistic missile program, with agriculture as its largest industry, North Korea says the purpose of the satellite is to track weather.