Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:33PM
File photo shows Iran's Consulate in the Afghan city of Herat.

File photo shows Iran's Consulate in the Afghan city of Herat.

Iran has temporarily closed its consular office in the Afghan city of Herat after the mission’s compound was attacked by protesters. An unnamed informed source in the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Consulate in Herat will remain closed until further notice, IRNA reported. “The Islamic Republic of Iran has sent an official letter of protest to Afghanistan Embassy in Tehran regarding the recent incident outside our country’s consulate in Herat,” the unnamed source was quoted as saying. In the letter, Iran has reminded the Afghan government of its obligations to guarantee the security of Iranian diplomats stationed in Herat. The source also dismissed baseless allegations of Iran having killed Afghan nationals along its border with Afghanistan. “The Islamic Republic of Iran has called for Afghan officials to be vigilant and prevent similar incidents in the future in order to maintain calm in relations between the two countries, keep foreigners from exploiting this incident, and account for this incident,” the source stated. KA/SS
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