Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:26PM
Child-protection services take children away from their aboriginal parents, at a comparatively high rate, in Canada’s western province of Alberta, Press TV reports. “It is a business…thirty two officers took the children at gun point. Treated us like terrorists…they said you are not getting your children back,” said an aboriginal woman whose children were taken from her by Canada’s counter-terrorism forces. Studies suggest that the Alberta government is seizing children at an alarming high rate. Whereas the government of Japan takes only 17 children per 10 thousand and the government of the Canadian province of Ontario 64 per 10 thousand, the Alberta government takes an astounding 111 children per 10 thousand. Many native Canadians believe the country’s family law is often ambiguous with nebulous allegations of neglect for parenting serving as justifications for the state-sanctioned removal of children. They say there is a profit motive behind what they call kidnapping of their children by the so-called child protection services. “It definitely is a money making scheme because a lot of native children have been sold into adoption,” another native Canadian woman told Press TV. Recently, the UN has strongly condemned Canada's record on children's rights, and accused Ottawa of systematic discrimination against aborigines and immigrants. According to reports, Canada has forced thousands of aboriginal children into ghastly boarding schools where they have been abused sexually, psychologically, and physically. Meanwhile, more than 600 aboriginal women and young girls are missing in the country amid reports of rape, mutilation, and murder against female aborigines. TE/JR