Sunday Dec 09, 201205:02 PM GMT
Americans protest drone use within and outside of US
Americans have staged a protest against the use of drones both domestically and internationally, voicing their concerns about the violation of civil rights, Press TV reports.

A recent rally held by mainly Christian peace organizations in front of CIA headquarters in Virginia was to protest against the increasing usage of drones by the US both abroad and in its own skies.

“What is happening is a proliferation, it is a militarization of our police source, I think we are going down the wrong path,” said protester Malachy Kilbride.

As the US is considered as the international leader in drone warfare, many Americans are concerned about privacy violations, constitutional rights and public safety regarding the surveillance of its own people.

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, there will be over 10,000 commercial drones flying in the American airspace within the next five years.

The rally did not only focus on the domestic usage of drones, it also voiced concerns about the so-called “double tapping” attacks used in countries such as Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan and Somalia, meaning that a second attack always follows the first one, targeting the rescuers trying to help the initial victims.

“They hit them twice, it is insidious and immoral and it is shameful, it is shameful on our government for doing such a thing,” said organizer Jack McHale.

With the movement gaining momentum, similar rallies are expected to be held in the next coming months.

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