Sat Dec 8, 2012 1:27AM
United Nation's chief Ban Ki-moon has visited camps in Turkey housing Syrian refugees. The U-N chief sounded a warning about the humanitarian consequences of Syria’s ongoing conflict. He also called on all countries in and around the region to to more to alleviate the refugee crisis.
The ongoing unrest in Syria has drawn UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to the Gaziantep state in Turkey, near the Syrian border. Mr. Ban paid a visit to one of the many refugee camps to bear witness, first hand. In doing so, Mr. Ban urged restraint. His statement comes in the wake of Turkey requesting NATO surface-to-air missiles be positioned on its side of the border. The move angered Syria, but Ankara was quick to respond the missiles are only to protect Turkish territory and not to establish a previously proposed no-fly zone in part of Syria. Mr. Ban’s statement also echoed the sentiments of Russian President Vladimir Putin who paid visit to Turkey on Monday. “There has been a tripling of numbers of refugees crossing the Turkish border since July, and the number continues to grow. But here, the UN Sec. Gen. said even for the numbers that stand now, the assistance needed to meet humanitarian basics remains alarmingly below what is required” The repercussions of the ongoing unrest has deeply affected Turkey with the country reportedly spending some $500 million to house over 130,000 refugees. With this number, Mr. Ban sounded a sobering warning. With this warning from the UN Secretary General, it remains to be seen how long and how much weight countries housing refugees, already under strain, will buckle under the weight of fleeing feet in search of comfort, and safety.